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Happy New Year!

Dear readers,

I wish you happy, joyful and prosperous New Year! I sincerely wish and hope that in the New Year all your software projects will be in excellent shape, your customers will be very satisfied and you will feel as a happy, inspired and successful Software Creator the whole year!

2007 is the first year of this blog. And I still have to learn a lot to make the blog better and really useful for you. I want to highlight few articles that I believe were most interesting this year:

I write about everything what is interesting for me and can help to understand better people, systems and software development in overall. But certainly, it is not enough to make this blog interesting for you without your feedback. I want to take the opportunity to ask three questions:

  • What did you like and find interesting in this blog?
  • How can I make it better?
  • What do you want to see here in the new year?

Thank you for your interest, patience and participation. Have great holidays and the rest of year!

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This year will be the best 🙂 Happy new year.

Comment by Frank | January 8, 2008 4:53 pm

This blog have little value without you and your comments, thoughts and discussions. Please, leave your comments. You are welcome to debate and criticize any idea, but, please, don't attack other people. Thanks for your contribution!

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