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Most of the software systems are complex. People add even more complexity to creation of these systems. As a result, software projects are almost unpredictable systems of interactions between people, ideas and code. Can we understand these systems and their laws? Can software development become more predictable and systematic? What is the future of software development?

System Forces and Software Evolution
11 Laws of The System Thinking in Software Development
Comparing Intelligent Software Evolution to Chaotic Biological Evolution

Architecture, Design

Do We Need Software Architects? 10 Reasons Why Not
Evolutionary Software Architecture or Why Developers Are Not Janitors
Is Refactoring a Necessary Waste?


Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 1. Gaining processing power
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 2. Becoming intelligent
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 3. Interacting with humans
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 4. Building useful programs
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 5. Future of human programmers

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Software Creation Mystery -
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