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People build software systems and ultimately determine success or failure of software projects. They add vibrant life into logical and dry process of software creation. People bring power of human intellect, creativity and ability to solve impossible problems. But they also add many exciting difficulties: we should understand each other, learn to work and think together and deal with our irrationality, personalities and feelings. Any group of humans building any software system will create almost unpredictable and unique situation. Can we understand how people think, behave and build software? What are the best ways for them to create software systems?
Human Forces and Software Creators

Individuals – mind, psychology and personality
People are very complicated beings. And some of them build software systems. Can we understand these people?

The Mind of the Programmer. Anatomy and 3 Contradictions
Five Big Personality Traits of a Programmer. Do They Matter?
Lost Personalities: How our company alters us
Software Requirements Are Elusive: 6 Reasons Why Customers Cannot Get Them Right
IQ vs. Self-Discipline. What is more important in Software Development?
Testosterone, irrational choices and programmers
The Programmer’s Mind: Gut Instinct, Focus and Procrastination
The Happiness. Programmer’s Edition.
5 steps to cooperate with you unconscious mind
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 2. Becoming intelligent
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 4. Building useful programs
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 5. Future of human programmers

Software Teams, Collective Intelligence and Brainstorming
How do software teams –  the primary unit of software development – build software? How do leadership styles, team organization and interactions affect programmers work?

Software Development is The Flow of Ideas. The Rest is Secondary
What is The Best Leadership Style for The Software Team?
Do We Need Software Architects? 10 Reasons Why Not
Better Brainstorming: Individually or Together?
The Wisdom of Crowds. Making the Best Decisions

Job, Career, Management
Our job is significant part of our life. How can companies can make us happier, more satisfied and effective at work? What can we do ourselves?

The Ideal Software Company. Utopia?
Programmers are lazy capricious pseudo-intellectuals. Really?
Fair Compensation for Programmers. Is it possible?
How to Be Happy At Work. Short tutorial.
Guide to Job Security for Software Developers: 15 Sure-Fire Methods

Mastery – Knowledge, Skills, Practices
Software development is one of the few remaining professions that still brings enjoyment of building the product from idea to a complete solution with own hands. This profession requires pride for own work and traditions of craftsmanship combined with high level of mastery, knowledge and skills. Good programmers are intelligent creators and aren’t narrow-minded pluggable work units for solving purely technical tasks. How to become a master programmer and what is required to build a good software system?

The Programmer’s Brains At Work: Understanding The Software System
The Secret of Building Effective Software Systems
How a beautiful software system becomes Frankenstein
Top 10 Qualities of The Perfect Programmer
How to use search skills to become effective programmer
How to Communicate Effectively And Still Get Things Done
From Beginner to Master Programmer: The First Language and More
How Tools Frame Programmer’s Mindset
Can Computers Beat Human Programmers? Part 3. Interacting with humans

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Software Creation Mystery -
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