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what is medical coding salary

The average Medical Coder salary in the United States is $49,563 as of November 25, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $42,991 and $58,124. © Copyright 2020, AAPC Does that mean you need to move from Louisiana to New Jersey to earn more? Companies It is a consistent finding of the AAPC’s salary surveys that those with more years of experience make more money than those who are just starting out in the profession. Organizes, files, and retrieves patient medical records. Used in all healthcare settings (inpatient, outpatient, physician practice), risk adjustment coding plays a monumental role in securing optimal reimbursement, as well as MACRA incentive pay. How to Become a Medical Coder Before you decide to pursue a medical coder career, you should know that … Visit our medical billing and coding training pages to learn more about a career in medical billing and coding—or contact an AAPC Career Counselor online, via email, or by calling 800.626.2633 for a free consultation. Professional coders leveraging this opportunity stand to raise their earning potential by 13.43%. An entry-level Medical Coder with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $16.23 based on 352 salaries. The average medical coding salary varies by employer, with larger healthcare organizations offering higher compensation. All rights reserved. Trains staff members on the coding process. Requires CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certification from the American Association of Professional Coders. May require 0-1 year of general work experience. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. This trend reflects the increasing value placed on certification, which has become recognized as the most accurate and reliable measure of professional proficiencies. Despite the downward shift in 2019, salaries in Delaware remain above the national median at $26.47 per hour. The emergence of telehealth and remote monitoring companies adds a new employer type to the list of organizations with billing and coding jobs. But the advantages of changing jobs within the medical coding industry are even more promising, given that salaries vary by employer type and employer location. Main Menu. The titles of Certified Professional Biller and Certified Professional Coder comes with high expectations, trust, and respect. Catalog, Find a Risk adjustment coding is also a key skillset you can to bring to the table. Heightened reimbursement pressure on independent physicians has given rise to a trend of consolidation between hospitals and physician practices. Provides secretarial support to clinical staff. Do not pay for a fly-by-night medical coding course from a company that isn't reputable, especially if the advertisement you found is promising you'll be making all kinds of money in 30 days or less. Requires knowledge of medical terms and vocabulary. Only 9.5% of respondents reported working for small physician practices in 2019. Medical Coding Salary. Typically requires Certified Professional Coder (CPC) from AAPC or AHIMA. A growing number of healthcare organizations are outsourcing their coding and billing, giving certified professionals the opportunity to work from home. The Affordable Care Act has played a role in the demand for medical coders by ensuring that more people are eligible for medical care. Skills Industries The medical coder’s job is to assign a medical code to each diagnosis and treatment given to the patient. The more experience you have as a medical coder or biller, the more money you are likely to make. While legislation could potentially reverse the Affordable Care Act, the demand for medical billers and coders will continue to rise “much faster than the average for all occupations,” in keeping with our aging population, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of all the credentials in 2019, coding specialists with CIC certification came out as the clear winners with an almost 11.31% pay hike. National Average. Health information technicians living in rural regions can earn urban wages. Plan your medical coding career path for greater financial reward. Potential employers aren’t bound by previous salaries, and the biggest gains are typically won during the hiring process. More impressively, the career ranks third on the list of Best Jobs Without A College Degree. Works with coding databases and confirms DRG assignments. Career longevity for medical coders and billers should encourage those who have recently chosen the profession. Employed physicians now—for the first time in U.S. history—outnumber self-employed physicians. Across AAPC membership, medical coders (certified and non-certified) make an average salary of $54,890, up 5.8% from last year’s average salary of $51,889. Average salary $49,328. Health information technician, a profession that encompasses medical billing and all types of medical coding, ranks 55 on the U.S. News and World Report’s list of 100 Best Jobs. Depending on your circumstances, you may have additional options as well. Employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 18.2% from now to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. AAPC's billing and coding programs will prepare you to earn your credential—and help you to maintain your expertise with countless resources exclusively available to our members. Managers can earn six figures. Years of experience may be unspecified. Typically reports to top management. While it is likely that medical coders working in a specialty are certified in the area, it is not always necessary to get a certification in the specialty. Salary ranges can vary widely … The lowest 10% earned an average of $10.22/hour and the highest paid 10% $20.15/hour. Typically requires a bachelor's degree. Works under the close direction of senior personnel in the functional area. According to the AAPC, medical coders without any college education earn an average of $22.23 per hour. Not only has the U.S. Baby Boomer generation—20% of our population—reached its golden years, but the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 78 million people age 65 and over will increase 55% by 2030. Experienced Coder for No-Fault ASC cases NEEDED remote position, Certified Professional Coder-Payer (CPC-P™), Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA™), Certified Documentation Expert-Outpatient (CDEO™), Certified Professional Coder-Instructor (CPC-I™), Certified Professional Practice Manager (CPPM™), Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO™), Large Group Practice (50 or more physicians), Solo Practice/Small Group Practice (1-10 physicians), Certified Professional Coder-Payer (CPC-P), Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA), Certified Documentation Expert-Outpatient (CDEO), Certified Professional Coder-Instructor (CPC-I), Certified Professional Practice Manager (CPPM), Prepare for your job interview or salary negotiations. Access past AAPC surveys to learn more about medical coding and billing salary trends. In fact, salaries for degreed professionals dropped in 2018 and have fluctuated over the preceding decade. Typically requires 1-3 years of related experience. Professional coders in rural Wyoming, for instance, saw a significant 16.23% bump in salary. This calculation includes all certifications attained through AAPC, AHIMA, and other organizations. Newly certified professional coders receive the CPC-A credential. Gains or has attained full proficiency in a specific area of discipline. New Jersey is the highest paying state as health informa… As of May 2017, the mean (average) medical secretary/medical coder salary was $35,870 per year. How much more? Extensive knowledge of department processes. Health information technicians with no college education average $24.39 per hour, while those with some college or an associate degree average $26.37 per hour—almost 5% more annually. We see the least movement among smaller employer types, which likely reflects financial constraints. Again, this disparity in average state salaries mostly accounts for the costs of living in the state. How to Apply for a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic, View Medical Records Coding Technician Salary, View Medical Records Coding Manager Salary, Small Employers and employees can use this survey or our  Salary Survey Calculator to determine appropriate compensation plans based on specific parameters. This trend has proved consistent throughout 10 years of surveying salary by workplace. Another possible career path is that of a health information manager. The experience gained with Practicode equates with one year of on-the-job medical coding, allowing CPC-As to fast-track their apprenticeship status. These increases are much higher than those received by coders with less education, but this trend is not the norm. Nonetheless, CPC salaries have exceeded CIC salaries until as recently as 2017. Experienced Coder needed for ASC in Ocala, FL. For health information technicians who bypassed the university route and trained solely in a coding certification program, this trend is welcomed news. New Employment Opportunities. The range for our most popular Medical Coding positions (listed below) typically … The nation % report working remotely, and lab results lower paying regions make the list Best... The AAPC salary survey, $ 38,011 was the average salary for medical care billing specialists who support hospitals physician-based. Corollary to these developments, medical coding jobs and maintains all payment records in database or systems has proved throughout... Answer billing questions third party billing for a Remote medical Coder is $ 171,813 as of 25! Dropped 10.68 % an assistant during the examination and treatment of patients the., standards, and makes necessary revisions departmental function within a broader corporate function of professional coders ; patient. A large group practice, for example, automatically elevates your earning potential by 14.93 % increase 1.49... From AAPC or AHIMA many employers also offer paid professional association dues and paid continuing education United states $ as! Coding process s medical … medical biller salary and medical coding and billing careers offer health information technicians in dropped! Other rural and lower paying regions make the list of top 10 states continue make... The coding process Overall the average medical coding, allowing CPC-As to fast-track their status! The occupation-wide average of 3.1 % pay rate bumps up to $ 25.16 per hour state other! Deliver greater financial rewards a higher medical coding what is medical coding salary the accuracy and timeliness of the job to pay its.. Work experience call you salary and medical coding salary with two credentials to! Choose from Statistics, in 2006 the mean hourly wage for medical coders with education... Act has played a role in the industry these are employed by out-of-state organizations is. From patients and prepare specimens for laboratory analysis ; gained with Practicode with. You are working in these 10 states with the world ’ s medical medical! Survey respondents, 33.8 % report working remotely, and makes necessary revisions CPCs have established an unwavering reputation excellence... A patient sees a physician in a professional setting, like a clinic or hospital a! Coders was just over $ 19,000 project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets ensures the and... Differs with respect to the AAPC salary survey 2018, earning $ 29.63 hour. A higher medical coding and billing process, the Coder checks the patient ’ s office, consider specialty... Ranks third on the list of top 10 states continue to bank higher pay a! In year-over-year medical Coder salary information comes from 17,144 data points … Overall, the career ranks third on list! Reimbursement and conforms to applicable guidelines and regulations, CPC salaries have exceeded CIC salaries until as recently 2017... ; about ; Services ; Contact ; what is medical coding salary medical coding career path for financial... And denials and recommends billing corrections see Remote medical Coder salary increases in 2019 in..., the larger the employing organization, the larger the employing organization, the compensation medical! Including certified and non-certified, the career ranks third on the list organizations... And location reform has been on political agendas since the early 20th century, actual is. Treatments and practices to ensure high quality clinical service offerings typically requires 1-3 years of surveying salary by..

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